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  • Thu, 16 Jan 2020 13:04:17 +0000: Creating learning resources for blind students - Mathematics News -- ScienceDaily
    Mathematics and science Braille textbooks are expensive and require an enormous effort to produce -- until now. A team of researchers has developed a method for easily creating textbooks in Braille, with an initial focus on math textbooks. The new process is made possible by a new authoring system which serves as a 'universal translator' for textbook formats. Based on this new method, the production of Braille textbooks will become easy, inexpensive, and widespread.
  • Thu, 09 Jan 2020 18:02:05 +0000: Mathematicians put famous Battle of Britain 'what if' scenarios to the test - Mathematics News -- ScienceDaily
    Mathematicians have developed a new model to explore what the impact of changes to Luftwaffe tactics would actually have been. Their approach uses statistical modelling to calculate how the Battle might have played out if history had followed one of several alternative courses.
  • Wed, 08 Jan 2020 18:17:33 +0000: New mathematical model shows how diversity speeds consensus - Mathematics News -- ScienceDaily
    Scientific literature abounds with examples of ways in which member diversity can benefit a group -- whether spider colonies' ability to forage or an industrial company's financial performance. Now, a newly published mathematical framework substantiates the seemingly counterintuitive observations made by prior scholars: interaction among dissimilar individuals can speed consensus.
  • Tue, 07 Jan 2020 15:49:21 +0000: Indeterminist physics for an open world - Mathematics News -- ScienceDaily
    Classical physics is characterized by the equations describing the world. Yet our day-to-day experience is struck by this deterministic vision of the world. A physicist has been analyzing the classical mathematical language used in modern physics. He has thrown light on a contradiction between the equations that explained the phenomena and the finite world. He suggests making changes to the mathematical language to allow randomness and indeterminism to become part of classical physics.
  • Mon, 23 Dec 2019 17:28:24 +0000: A new method for boosting the learning of mathematics - Mathematics News -- ScienceDaily
    How can mathematics learning in primary school be facilitated? Scientists have developed an intervention to promote the learning of math in school. Named ACE-ArithmEcole, the program is designed to help schoolchildren surpass their intuitions and rely instead on the use of arithmetic principles. More than half (50.5%) of the students who took part in the intervention were able to solve difficult problems, as compared to 29.8% for pupils who followed the standard course of study.