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Due to the recent surge of mathematics teachers requesting for more useful resources, we decided to update the Accessible Maths data resource.

The Accessible Mathematics team have created a “Must Watch” section, that offers some of the most fascinating Math related videos.

These are excellent resources for fellow professors and students to enjoy as part of most syllabuses.

Firstly we have added one of the rare videos, that has been provided by the TED Ex Team, and is currently available on there website, Youtube and now here @ Accessible Maths.

Jim Simons is one of the worlds leading mathematician and cryptographers, who is highly respected throughout the Academic and Industrial sector. Please take the time watch the following video, that details how he “Cracked Wall Street” and worked with the US Government.

Another classic video, we have added to our “Must Watch” section of the website is by Arthur Benjamin at TEDx Oxford.

Arthur has an astounding knowledge of Mathematics, and turns himself into a “Mathemagician” who has the ability of being FASTER than a calculator. His process is very impressive, and he is honest enough to explain just how he does it. We would love to hear from our readers there opinion on the following video from Arthur Benjamin.

A great read for scholars is the Probability Rules – Take a look at the “Chance for Lottery” gaming resource here. In addition the Google Research team have added some interesting mathematical data which is well worth a read, aptly named Mathematics at Google.


We have added below some interesting Math related charts, as these appear to be the most desired resource according to the array of online enquiries received in the past few months.


Additional resources will be published here on a frequent basic, as well as on the TEDx Fellows resources.


If you are looking to take up some form of educational advancement in this field, we highly recommend the PGCE Mathematics course. The actual program offers a workshop based learning environment which is very sought after. The course is workshop based so that you have the opportunity to participate actively in each and every session.

There are other science based courses also of offer, such as the the PGCE In Chemistry, Physics and Biology, which offers a wide spectrum of modules and components. Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest Maths news on our Twitter account here

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